In general:
The attorney Amir Friedman founded our firm in 1998; the author of the fundamental law books in the fields of "Trademarks" and "Patent Law". Our firm is well known as one of the leading firms in the field of intellectual property in Israel.

Areas of expertise:
Intellectual property, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, prototypes, commercial violations (passing off counterfeit items, aggravation of approach) business reputations, Internet and computers.

Services provided by our office:
Litigation (legal representation), procedures at the patent and trademarks office, arrangement of agreements and licensing, registration of intellectual properties, legal advice, negotiations and arbitration.

Our firm represents many creators in the prosecution of infringements on their copyrights, including companies that deal in production, design and photography, periodicals, the cutting edge photographers in Israel (image photography, nature photography, fashion photography and others) designers (fashion and toy), architects and many other creative workers.

Our firm represents a number of leading companies in the Israeli economy in the field of trademarks, in the preparatory procedures of registering trademarks, in the registration of trademarks, and in arranging licensing agreements for the use of trademarks, in suits for infringements on trademark, business reputation and brand names.

Patents and models:
Our firm accompanies many inventors from the idea stage through the launching of the invention, by providing protection to the invention by means of patent requests in Israel and throughout the world.

External consultation:
Our firm provides external consultation, in cases dealing with intellectual property, to law offices working in varied fields. Our firm cooperates closely and permanently with a number of leading law firms in Israel in the intellectual property field, primarily providing advice in cases that require special expertise.

Additional pursuits:
The head of the firm, Attorney Amir Friedman, is a member of the Committee on Intellectual Property in the Tel Aviv District of the Attorneys Bureau, a director of the Law, Communication and Technology Department at the Academic College of Law, accredited arbitrator and the writer of fundamental books in the field of intellectual property.  

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